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Gut Health Summit

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Gut Health Summit
Pre- and Probiotics - Creating Business Value Beyond Claims

Crowne Plaza Le Palace Hotel
Brussels, Belgium - Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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The market situation for Pre- and Probiotics is drastically changing worldwide. The growing knowledge and understanding of the gut microbiome creates many new opportunities. At the same time, Pre- and Probiotics are confronted with legislative restrictions and pressure. Consequently, strategies for creating value for Pre- and Probiotics need a serious upgrade. It’s time for a high-level policy discussion forum.
The Gut Health Summit offers a platform for this. Management, R&D and Marketing from the Ingredient and Food & Drink Industries will be working together with Scientists and Regulatory bodies at the Gut Health Summit. The Summit will have three main discussion sessions reviewing Science, Claims & Regulatory and Access to Market and Consumer Communication.
The program brings a dozen speakers in three sessions each ending with a policy discussion on options and opportunities to break out of the current situation with the use of the words Pre- and Probiotics no longer allowed on food labels. The meeting will create ample opportunities for networking and new business development.

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